Nuy Winery

Nuy Winery’s Chant de Nuit is one of a few wines in South Africa that contains a table grape variety in the blend.

Chant de Nuit – song of the night. A wine worth a swirl and a leisurely taste in the Nuy Winery collection is the Chant de Nuit (Song of the Night). This fresh and fruity white, created from a blend of Chenin Blanc, Colombar, Ferdinand de Lesseps and Irsai Oliver, has quite a story to tell.

The Story - Chant de Nuit was once dubbed Chant de Nuy. The unusual fruity character of the wine is derived from the use of the lesser-known Ferdinand de Lesseps cultivar, a table grape variety. However it was the inclusion of this cultivar that led to the name change when the Wine and Spirits Board deemed in 1991 that this cultivar indeed made the wine ‘uncertifiable’ and therefor prohibited the use of ‘Nuy’ on the label. The Nuy team cleverly changed a letter or two and there you have it, a slightly mysterious romantic wine with fresh perfume aromas of pineapple and peaches and a long lingering pleasing aftertaste … and a good story! Don’t hesitate to pair the Chant de Nuit with a variety of spicy foods.

How to get your hands on this wine - Get the Chant de Nuit at R46 per bottle, visit Nuy Winery’s tasting room and restaurant, Nuy on the hill, on the R60 between Worcester and Robertson, or order from their website